A downloadable game for Windows

"Eons ago, the young spirit of nature 'Rakka' shone brightly. He forsook his duty to care for the forest and had to pay the price.  Bound in chains, he will fight the corruption that he has allowed to grow.  Faceless he will be, untill he has redeemed himself."

Will you aid him on his quest?


  • Felice Reumkens
  • Long Cheng
  • Georgi Simov
  • Antonio Castillo Fernandez


  • Menno Markus
  • Vincent van Hoven
  • Jorn Veen


  • Nadia de Waal
  • Bozhidar Tomov
  • Aukje Feenstra Kuiper

Install instructions

Download the ZIP-file and extract the contents wherever you want.

Then, enter the extracted directory and execute Rakka's Redemption - Spirit Quest.exe.


Rakka's Redemption - Spirit Quest.zip 189 MB


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I really like the art style and the ideas behind the mechanics, but the levels seemed a little all over the place. In order it was tutorial, easy, extreme, easy. It did take a little bit for me to fully grasp everything that was going on, but it led to some pretty funny moments! I enjoyed it overall, but didn't love it.